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The Mathews Group Launches New Website

We know that communications projects often need an outside perspective. It’s why clients hire us, and we practice what we preach. For our website refresh, we assembled a team of some of our favorite professionals and had a blast collaborating with them. We even formed some new relationships along the way.

Our project manager, Emily Pappas, kept us on track and brought us fresh ideas, and our fall intern, Shelby Todd, helped us get started. We turned to client favorite Vic Parker of 6 Foot 8 for our web design, with a strong assist from our in-house designer Katie Kelty. We got imagery from Camille Felton of Category 5 Photography in Atlanta, Andrea of Andrea Lynn Taylor Photography in Washington, Meghann Street of Your Street Photography in Portland, and our own personal snapshots.

The whole group — Melissa, Tia, Elizabeth, Katherine, Katie and Kathie — pitched in by writing at least one colleague’s bio, which turned out to be a great teambuilding exercise. Speaking of teams, we enjoyed working with our project manager Emily so much, we brought her on board!

March is For Mardi Gras!

Team Mathews has a lot of native southerners, and we love to celebrate Mardi Gras! It doesn’t always come with the stereotypes that one might think. In our family, Mardi Gras is about the parades, costumes and most of all celebration with friends and family. So, for those who have never experienced the magic of Mardi Gras,  here are the top 5 things you should know, try, eat and see at Mardi Gras, with your family!

  1. If you plan on attending one of the more popular parades in New Orleans with the little ones in tow, it’s a good idea to invest in a Mardi Gras ladder. These ladders feature a box seat at the top and are available in local New Orleans hardware stores. The kids will get to see everything from this vantage point and avoid getting trampled, and you’ll know where your kid is at all times. The float riders also aim their throws at kids on ladders, so they’ll be sure to score big.
  2. The beignet, long an emblem of New Orleans food culture. Checkout Morning Call Coffee Stand in City Park. Found inside the park’s century-old Casino Building, the interior is done up with bare light bulbs, tile floors and mirrored counters. Waiters zip around the room in long white coats, black bow ties and paper hats. It’s open around-the-clock!
  3. Even at the St. Louis Zoo, kids rule Mardi Gras. With mask-making, beads and face-painting, this zoo celebration is full of fun activities and games. The event culminates in a stroller float parade, so bring your best stroller and wagon decorating skills to this free event and let the good times roll.
  4. “Fat Monday” is a celebration that’s just as fun as “Fat Tuesday,” but since it’s the day before the big party, it’s a bit more relaxed and a little less crowded – perfect for keeping track of the kiddies. At the Riverwalk Marketplace in New Orleans, live music and parades line the waterfront. Fireworks mark the king of the carnival’s arrival on the river by boat, where he is greeted by the mayor and officially given rule over New Orleans.
  5. Dress up! No matter where you wind up on Mardi Gras, it’s a time for dressing up and being silly. So take this chance to repurpose those Halloween costumes that you thought would never see the light of day again. Better yet, dress in matching costumes, making it easier to keep track of each other in the parade crowds.

mardi-gras-01 mardi-gras-02 mardi-gras-03

source credit: The Travel Channel 

National Engineering Forum, Washington

National-Engineering-ForumWe love working with engineers and helping drive awareness of the important work they do. Together, with the founders of the National Engineering Forum (NEF) – Lockheed Martin and the Council on Competitiveness – we are supporting a growing movement to address the challenges facing engineering in the U.S.

We design communications for NEF’s series of C-suite level dialogues in engineering hubs across the country. We manage everything from traditional PR to new media and “turn up the volume” on engineering’s impact on our nation’s security and prosperity. We partner with our hosts at top universities and national labs to celebrate the unique engineering culture of each city we visit.

And we’re excited to help launch NEF’s new initiative for 2014, NEFGen, to capture the energy and excitement of students and young professionals around these engineering challenges.

Ameena Project, Portland, Oregon, and Kiang’ombe, Kenya

Ameena-ProjectIn 2012, we came alongside the 100 percent volunteer-driven nonprofit Ameena Project to raise awareness for its mission to provide regular nourishment, academic instruction, and structured social activity to children living in extreme poverty. Ameena Project’s current effort is a preschool within the small and isolated community of Kiang’ombe, Kenya.

We provide pro-bono, event-specific PR consultation and execution for Ameena Project fundraisers – everything from landing coverage for benefit concerts featuring a former American Idol contestant, to a series of events featuring Ironman and professional endurance athletes. In addition, members of Team Mathews help produce Ameena Project’s electronic newsletter, which you are welcome to sign up for here.