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The Lilypod: Joseph’s Machines

Tia’s third grade daughter Lily met kinetic machine artist and YouTube star Joseph Herscher of Joseph’s Machines at the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Finals last week in Chicago. Joseph was there to referee and judge the elementary, middle, high school and college finalists from across the U.S., as well as share his approach to designing his world-renowned Rube Goldberg machines with the contest audience at the Museum of Science and Industry. Listen to Lily and Joseph’s conversation and you’ll learn what inspires his designs and how he handles challenges that arise when materials – even live ones – don’t work quite right, including on his latest machine: The Cake Server.


Why are we here? It’s more than an existential pondering. It’s the difference between a presentation or a conversation that gets you what you want and one that falls flat.

Every communication has a goal.

Sometimes it’s to make plans for lunch. Sometimes it’s to maintain a relationship. Sometimes it’s to get executives to back your project.

That’s why it’s important to know what you want and know how to communicate your vision with people who can help you reach that goal.

Answering the question “Why are we here?” will help you clarify things.

Think of your audience as your team. They’re the ones who will help you score that goal.

You’re the team captain. Huddle the players. Share the strategy. Tell them what they can do to make it happen. Motivate everyone to help the team cross that goal line.

Let us help you develop your game plan.

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CNN, Hong Kong


As you might imagine, launching a new television network isn’t easy. In addition to all the technical issues, there’s the matter of making sure you have a staff operating with a shared editorial vision.  Especially if you’re CNN.  That’s where we came in to help.  We developed two training modules for CNN Content Sales as part of its training and consulting program for broadcast affiliates.

We love helping clients communicate better through targeted training and coaching in key skill areas, such as writing, presentations and multi-media development. We serve new and established clients with a wide variety of customized courses. Each has focus and structure that is tailored to your unique needs and utilizes your work products. You will never get “pre-packaged” training. Interested in helping your team grow? Reach out to us!