Elizabeth Beauvais

Senior Communications Counselor

Elizabeth is equal parts strategy rock star and analysis guru. Elizabeth joined The Mathews Group when we landed our first energy client. Her experience at ExxonMobil, as editor of their corporate social responsibility report, and her background in both international development and consulting proved invaluable to us as we jumped feet first into the global energy industry. In fact, she has been so instrumental in our client work for ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66 that we have pulled her in to our aerospace practice as well.

While a self-described “word-person,” Elizabeth also brings a great capacity for data analysis and strategic insight that can sometimes be hard to find among communicators. She has become our go-to person for measurement and leads the team when we need to take a “deep dive” into audience mapping – discerning who our client’s target audiences are and how we can reach them.

“I love to be able to start looking at an issue from the beginning, thinking about the design, the problem we’re trying to address, or the opportunity we’re seeking to develop,” she says. “For instance, I like working on speeches — anticipating potential questions, analyzing stakeholder dynamics, building strong messages with a purpose — the multiple dimensions around it. For me, there’s great satisfaction in working a puzzle all the way through.”

Elizabeth is a good example of how The Mathews Group draws top talent because of the flexibility we offer. As it turns out, our need for an energy expert coincided with Elizabeth’s desire for a portable career – as her family relocated from the Washington area to her hometown of Shreveport, La.

Elizabeth received a Master’s in Development Economics and International Environmental Policy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in 2002. She and her husband have three children: elementary school-aged twins and a baby boy. She manages the demands of work and life by practicing and teaching yoga.

Our mission is to provide top-notch communications for our clients and a meaningful, manageable professional experience for our members.

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