Happy Anniversary to Us!


Clients, partners and friends –

I would love to say I founded The Mathews Group on a big idea, but it was really more of a nagging notion. I had a sense that there were other communicators like me – new parents, or ex-pat trailing spouses or both – who did not fit into the brick-and-mortar, 9-to-5 mold, but had boundless professional potential. I didn’t want to settle for an all-or-nothing approach to career and life, so I innovated something different.

I thought we might use technology to work independently, from our home offices, the nearest coffee shop and even foreign postings. And I thought we’d be able to band together to take on some freelance writing projects, maybe do a little editing. The “group” in our company name was aspirational. At first, it was just me. I hoped that one day I might be joined by a colleague or two.

I underestimated us.

I could not have predicted that such a talented team would come together to work under The Mathews Group banner.

I could not have imagined that five years into this adventure we would have flown to China to support a client on crisis communications, managed an almost 50,000-square-foot national STEM education outreach exhibit, written speeches for a Fortune 10 CEO, or helped launch a national engineering movement.

I did not foresee our incredibly fun training practice that would have us developing communications coursework for corporate clients, foreign government officials and one of the world’s most trusted international media outlets.

Amid these surprises, here’s what I’ve learned: if you hire talented people and give them the freedom they need to work, they will outperform your every expectation.

Five years in, I am confident that we have proved the value and viability of our model. I am certain that the benefits of our flexible work environment mean as much to our clients as they do to us. The long distances between us breed an intense commitment to collaboration, our independence produces self-motivation, and our unorthodox work schedules lead to nearly round-the-clock responsiveness. By taking geography and time zones out of the equation, we have been able to attract best-in-class communicators wherever they live.

I am so grateful to those first clients who took a chance on us and those who have followed. I appreciate that they treat us as more than contractors or consultants, but as partners fully committed to their success. I am excited that, as we grow our services and tailor them to each client’s needs, we have the opportunity to continually innovate the way we work at The Mathews Group.

I look forward to the next five years, and the surprises they will bring.

Melissa Mathews
Founder and President, The Mathews Group

Our mission is to provide top-notch communications for our clients and a meaningful, manageable professional experience for our members.

The Mathews Group