Katie Kelty

Art Director

When we need to make things pretty, we call Katie. But, it’s more than that. When it comes to design, print, layout, and visual consistency, she’s the gal. Her vision adds a creative element that makes our work, and yours, come alive.

Katie earned a Communication degree from Bellarmine University (BU) in 2007. The BU administration knew better than to let a good thing go, so they hired her. A year later, she balanced work with earning her Masters in Communication from BU. Katie worked her way up to Director of Campus Communications, and helped her team to win many awards for design and communication work from CASE, design publications like GD USA, and the Communicator Awards.

Katie is a new mom to a baby boy and represents our Kentucky contingent, making her home in Louisville, which, even our other Southern staffers will agree, is one of the South’s finest cities. In 2012, Katie teamed up with a friend (and fellow BU alum) to launch Bourbon Built, a company that celebrates the tradition of the South and heritage of bourbon. In 2014, the friends sold Bourbon Built to one of their retailers, who has taken the company from an online supplier to a brick and mortar in the heart of the popular NuLu district of Louisville.

As if three professional undertakings aren’t enough, Katie’s got hobbies – all things bourbon, yard work, reading, and freelance. That’s the kind of passion The Mathews Group members bring to the table every day. Lucky for us and our clients, Katie says, “I love working with strong women who know their stuff. Support, camaraderie and top-notch work is never lacking and I love being part of something that calls on so many different talents.”

Our mission is to provide top-notch communications for our clients and a meaningful, manageable professional experience for our members.

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