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Your needs are the priority

We value your input and your team’s expertise. It’s a partnership. Training is targeted to your vision of success, your employees’ skillsets and goals, and your organization’s vision, ensuring more efficient use of resources and more targeted, reliable results.

We’re communicators. We believe you can be, too

No matter what your profession or specialty, there’s a good chance that your value is judged by how well you articulate your work in writing and presentations. You’re good. We know you can be better.

Mathews Group training is different. You’ll like it

Why? Because it’s designed just for you. You will never get “pre-packaged” training from us. Our sessions are interactive and designed to help your team gain strategic focus and achieve high-level performance. Each course has a focus and structure specifically tailored to your needs. We focus skill development using your actual work products, not theoretical projects.
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Our Specialities

  • Core skills: writing, interpersonal communication

Case Study: Lockheed Martin
Engineers and innovators create amazing things, and in our work with them they tell us they want to do a better job explaining what they do. Our solution: a seminar on effective communication for student engineers at the Miami University College of Engineering and Computing Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute. The seminar explored communications principles from a uniquely engineering perspective, and gave students a foundation that will serve them as they venture out into the workforce as our nation’s next generation of great innovators.

  • Creating and delivering presentations

Case Study: Pfizer
There’s a lot that goes into clinical research, and telling the story of a cancer drug’s lifecycle is complicated business. That’s why Pfizer Oncology reached out for coaching and training for three research and product team leaders. The two-day intensive course and five weeks of one-on-one follow-up consultations were customized for their needs in written communication, presentation planning and effective delivery, interpersonal skills, and meeting management. The results: a more confident group of leaders with the skills to hone in on the essential information, keep their teams on track and effectively tell any audience about their work in a relatable way that leads to positive action.

  • Media appearances, speechwriting

Master media appearances and public speaking
From an interview with a trade publication to a panel discussion to a commencement address or a live radio or TV interview, senior leaders are often called on to step outside their comfort zone. With decades of media and presentation experience, we coach clients to be completely prepared. We’ll help you anticipate questions, refine your answers, and understand the process so you’ll never be caught off guard. We’ll even help you figure out what to wear so you’ll look your best on camera.

  • Owned media/multi-media content creation

Case Study: Phillips 66
Original digital content is on the radar for a lot of companies. We traveled to Houston to put on a lunch-and-learn on scriptwriting for staff at Phillips 66. In the interactive session, we refreshed core skills, introduced new approaches to content production, and explored ways to make multi-media elements work together for great storytelling.

  • Broadcast writing and video production

Case Study: CNN
As you might imagine, launching a new television network is not easy. In addition to all the technical issues, there’s the matter of making sure you have a staff operating with a shared editorial vision. Especially if you’re CNN. That’s where we came in to help. We developed two new training modules for CNN Content Sales as part of its training and consulting program for broadcast affiliates. The training series gives CNN affiliates the ability to effectively onboard editorial personnel and equip them to be ready to hit the ground running.

  • Social media savvy

Your social media presence is important. It’s often the first connection people make with your company. But it’s not easy to navigate the social media universe while developing your voice, making essential connections with your audience, and using your resources wisely. From best practices to creating engaging content, we’ll coach you through the process, from messaging to content development, and mitigating risks, we’ve got you covered.


Q. Why The Mathews Group?

As a client, your needs are the priority, and we partner with you to elevate your communications from reactive to proactive, from tactical to strategic — ensuring more efficient use of resources and more targeted, reliable results.

We have developed training for corporate communicators, government officials and journalists – with an emphasis on helping engineering- and science-driven organizations communicate more effectively.


Q. What classes do you offer?

We deliver the top-tier, customized training. The Mathews Group offers you a variety of communications courses and coaching options tailored to the specific needs and goals of your organization. We develop training in communications planning, core skills such as writing and speaking, and multi-media content creation. Sessions are interactive and goal-oriented. Ideally, we tailor them to produce actual work products that you can use, be that a plan, a strategy, a presentation, a video script, or a marketing tool. We also do Lunch & Learn programs if your team is looking for a refresher on key skills, or you need to introduce a new area of team focus.


Q. Why should I partner with The Mathews Group instead of mentoring my own team?

Your expertise is a great resource, but often your team needs a fresh perspective from an outside expert to amplify your message. Also, consider the opportunity cost of in-house training. Your time is not free. Developing a training plan, course materials and providing follow-up takes time – in our experience, as much as 30-40 hours of work time to develop each two-to-three hour course and supporting materials. That’s valuable time you won’t be able to spend on your primary job functions. When we design training, we value your input and your team’s expertise. It’s a partnership. We work with you to make sure our training is targeted to your needs, your employees’ skillsets and goals and your corporate vision. Our sessions are always interactive and in-house experts naturally become a valuable part of the process through their participation.


Q. What credentials do trainers have?

We bring you senior-level experts in public relations, communication and journalism. We have experience with Fortune 50 companies, government agencies, non-profits and international news organizations. All the training you get from The Mathews Group is built on solid instructional design theory and human relations practices.


You'll be in Good Company


“The content was the best. It was timely, relevant and highly applicable.”


“You ladies are pros and I enjoy learning from people with experience & stories.”


“Katherine is very high energy, good at reading people, constructive feedback, highly confident and professional.”


It’s not you. It’s them.

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Don’t call it a soft skill, this stuff is hard

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Who are you hiring?

Melissa Mathews
Melissa, founder and president of The Mathews Group, has developed training for corporate clients and public affairs officials, focusing on communications planning, messaging and writing.

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Katherine Brennecke
Katherine, director of training, has expertise in interpersonal communication, conversational writing and extensive research in creating and maintaining audience connections.

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