We believe that if you give talented people the freedom they need to work, they will exceed every expectation.

From day one, I founded The Mathews Group on a flex-work friendly model. Admittedly, my motivation was more self-serving than visionary. I wanted a career that would follow me through my family’s diplomatic postings, and I wanted to have a little bit of everything – professional, wife, mom.

What has surprised me over the years is all the goodness that comes out of the virtual, flex model. Sure, it works for us. But it also delivers for our clients.

  • It’s about valuing productivity over the clock.
  • It’s about more responsive client service.
  • It’s about hiring the best employees and contractors no matter where they live.
  • It’s about retaining talented team members through life’s transitions.
  • And, we think it’s about time.

Cloud-based technology, and telecommuting, and lightning-fast internet speed can make thousands of miles seem like no distance at all. In fact, digital collaboration, teamwork, and camaraderie can thrive among virtual teams. We’ve seen it flourish in small businesses like ours, and in our clients’ large multi-national corporations.

It’s heartening to see the explosive growth in flexible and remote work over the years. We’re proud of this evolution, and we’ll continue to lead the way as we have since 2010. We support initiatives like National Flex Day and 1 Million for Work Flexibility. We hope more employers will give flex a chance.



This is a family business.
Partners Melissa and Tia share a vision to do good work, live full lives, and have fun along the way.

Let us know if you’d like to know more about how to find or create flex-work.
We’ll talk your ear off about it.