Get your audience to the right answer

Good presentations are like math – they really add up. Now, for some people, those are two really scary concepts: public speaking and math.

But don’t be afraid, presentations don’t have to be intimidating. Just like a complex math problem, they’re a lot easier to do if you break them down into steps.

When you deliver a presentation, all your points have to add up so your audience can clearly see the answer.

Don’t just walk the listeners through your main points, say thank you, and sit down. You’ll leave them hanging.

Instead, finish strong.

Your conclusion should be the answer you’ve been working toward. It’s where you bring everything together and give your call to action or deliver your big, summative statement.

This is the moment that will inspire people to do what you want them to do.

The value of a good presentation is more than a sum of its parts. Let us show you the formula for your presentation, so you can ace your next conference or meeting.