PR pros by day, beta testers by night


We like staying on top of the latest communication technologies at The Mathews Group, so recently our Creative Director Katie Kelty participated as a beta tester for a program that applies text to photos for use in social media.

“Project Theo has the potential to give non-designers the tools to design graphics for social media that look as though they were laid out by a professional. I cannot wait to see the final product,” says Katie.

The pilot codenamed Project Theo puts more traditionally sophisticated creative capabilities usually reserved for a graphic designer into the hands of a novice. Clients are telling us they want the ability to quickly turn customized images with eye-catching copy and graphics, and Theo promises to be one way to achieve this with ease.

Project Theo is slated to release later this year. If you are eager to try the app now, the team is looking for more beta testers on their website. Meanwhile, check out their Instagram or search using #madewiththeo to see what we can create with this product.

We’ll keep you posted on when the app will be available for public (and reveal the impressive company behind it) and how we can put Theo and other technology tools to use to achieve your communications goals.