Team Mathews is happy and productive. New research shows us why.


The Mathews Group is proud to be a small business on the leading edge of a global trend in flexible, remote work. The media is beginning to pick up on why this business model works for professionals and clients alike.

Together, this group of eight women successfully collaborates with Fortune 50 clients from across the world. When our founder and President Melissa Mathews launched The Mathews Group in 2010, a virtual public relations agency was a pioneering model. Five years later there is a growing awareness of the virtual model in PR and across a range of professional services industries, such as law. The model offers employees a more equitable work/life balance and provides clients with strategic support from seasoned professionals, often at lower rates.

Forbes recently featured two female attorneys who launched a thriving business based on developing a network of freelance attorneys. Fortune reported on the company PowerToFly, also launched by women looking to strike a better balance between work and family. Vodafone recently introduced a mandatory minimum maternity leave and upon return to work, new moms receive full pay for 30-hour weeks for the first six months.

But, it’s not just women looking to move beyond traditional brick-and-mortar companies in favor of a virtual approach. According to the Harvard Business Review and a 2009 Forrester report, “by 2016, 43 percent of the U.S. workforce are expected to work from home; 34 million people already do. This trend is driven by a number of factors, including professionals’ desire to have control over their day-to-day work life.”

The Mathews Group recently talked to agency peers about this model. Read more on our leadership in this area, and join our LinkedIn group Virtual Agency Realities to join the discussion.